White Water Rafting on the Cetina River

Saturday, 30 July 2016

Before we went to Split, one of the things that had been recommended on all the blog posts about Split had been to go white water rafting on the Cetina River so that was one of the activities that we definitely wanted to do whilst we were there! 

On our first night, we went on a pub crawl and met some American girls who recommended a company called Pirate Rafting which luckily we remembered the next day when looking for companies to go rafting with! Initially we were just going to go with the cheapest company but after we were recommended Pirate Rafting and they were only 300 kuna, we decided to go with them!

The company is ran by a couple called Hilde and Neno who met whilst travelling and they work on the river rafting for six months of the year and the other six months they spend travelling which seems pretty much like the perfect life! They picked us up in the centre of Split and drove us down the coast and up the mountains to the starting point. Our group consisted of the three of us and two other English girls who we picked up along the way. Once we were there, we could leave our stuff in the van and then we got kitted out in life jackets, helmets and neoprene shoes so we were ready to raft!

We rafted along the river for about 2-3 hours with a couple of stops along the way which included one where we climbed up a waterfall and went into a cave and another stop for cliff jumping!! All along the way, Neno, who is also a professional photographer took amazing photos of us which we then purchased at the end for only 100 kuna which is about £10! They also had juice, biscuits and schnapps at the end for us and then drove us back to Split!

It was probably one of the best days of the holiday and we were so glad that we didn’t choose to go with a more commercial company as, Neno is the only guide who goes into the cave as not many people know about it and he was a really inspiring guy who talked to us the whole way about lots of different topics and gave us recommendations of things to do!! He said that we could email him for more travel recommendations and that, if we came back to Split, we could stay in his hut if we wanted to which is right on the banks of the Cetina river!! Definitely was one of the best days of the holiday and if you are in Split, I would really recommend to go rafting with them! If you want to find out more information their site is here

As Neno would say, Pura Vida!! (Pure Life – which he learnt on his tour of Latin America!)

Haul | Waterstones, Boux Avenue and Holiday Presents!

Sunday, 24 July 2016

Over the past week or so I have done some little bits of shopping and received a couple of gifts so I thought I would do  have a quick haul post showing the different bits that I have accumulated!

I went into Liverpool with my best friend to play a gig in the evening and we did some bits of shopping during the day. I hadn’t realised that Carrie Hope Fletcher’s new book had been released (it was actually the day of release that I got it) so I picked that up for half price to read when I go to Barcelona in a couple of weeks! At £6.49 for a hardback book, I couldn’t resist!

I then also popped into Boux Avenue, which is my favourite place to buy underwear and I got this really cute floral underwear set for £17 total in the sale! Then as I had some Boux Avenue VIP points I got a further discount and got it for about £14!

My friend Megan has just got back from Italy and brought some presents back for me which included a magnet of Pope Francesco and a bottle of Limoncello which is absolutely delicious!!

Finally, my parents went to Paris to see David Gilmore for their 25th wedding anniversary and they brought me back some packets of Carambars which are my favourite French sweets!! They are amazing if you have never tried them!!

So that is just a update post of some of the bits and bobs I have been purchasing this month! I am off to Barcelona from 1-8 August but I will probably schedule a post to upload whilst I am away and the you can look forward to lots of Barcelona related posts when I get back!!

What have you been buying recently?

Facebook Travel Groups

Sunday, 17 July 2016

Recently I have been trying to add to my list of destinations to visit and I have been researching travelling as much as I can. During this I have found some amazing communities of travellers on Facebook who have inspiring experiences, advice and stories that they love sharing and I thought I would share these groups with you today so you can enjoy them too! So here are some of my favourite travel groups, some are females only and some are mixed or more specific travel genres but I hope you find some that you can use!

1.       Travelettes
2.       Girls LOVE Travel
3.       Ultimate Travel Group (UTG)
4.       We Travel We Blog
5.       Travel Blogger Tales
6.       NOMADS – a life of free/cheap travel
7.       Travelette Hosts
8.       Badass Solo Female Travellers
If you apply to these groups, most will admit you quite quickly and you can start the discussions of different travel destinations!! People share recommendations of things to do in different places, e.g I just asked for Barcelona recommendations and received loads of great ones!

Do you have any recommendations of facebook travel groups?

Summer Bucket List

Monday, 11 July 2016

So, earlier this year I decided to make a bucket list of some fun things to do this summer (It may have been whilst I was procrastinating doing revision for my exams)! This list isn’t really travel things as they are on my main bucket list but it is more a list of fun things to complete this summer before I go to uni. So today I thought I would select some that I really want to do (these really are the highlights, there are over 200 items on the list) and tell you about them. Throughout summer I will also probably do posts when I complete one of these items and tell you guys about it!

1.       Spend a day at a spa
2.       Watch every movie on the IMDB top 250 (could maybe limit it to 100 movies – I do have to get some things done!)
3.       Watch a sunrise and sunset in the same day
4.       Learn to make one really nice meal from scratch
5.       Speak in a foreign accent for a whole day
6.       Get hypnotized
7.       Go camping
8.       Star gaze
9.       Go to Go Ape
10.   Go vegan for a week

I know they aren’t your usual ‘Go skydiving’ bucket list items but I wanted to be realistic about the things that I might be able to do this summer. I do have a real bucket list that features a lot of exciting travel opportunities so maybe I’ll also do a post about that. In the meantime, I should probably get started on my mini summer bucket list!!

Do you have a bucket list? What are your highlights on it?

Are you a traveller?

Saturday, 9 July 2016

On my recent trip to Split we met some women who were probably in their 30s and we were talking about travelling and where they’d been (we had kind of caught the travelling bug by this point!) and they told us that once when they were travelling they were told that to be able to call yourself a traveller you have to have visited as many countries as the years that you are old. So, for me, by the end of this year I would need to have visited 18 countries. Needless to say, I definitely can’t call myself a traveller yet as we will see when I list the countries that I have been to below but I thought it was a really nice idea and wanted to write a blog post about it.

There are a couple of rules, you can’t include any countries that you only entered as you were flying through, for example a layover in an airport in Spain doesn’t count as visiting Spain – pretty self explanatory why as you are only in the airport! Also, if you are from the UK, England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland all count as a single country.

So I downloaded the ‘Been’ app when I got back to our apartment and tallied up the countries that I have been to and unfortunately that number is only  5 meaning I need to up the number of countries I have visited!! Those countries are

Belgium – I visited Bruge, Ypres and Ghent with my high school orchestra/band when I was 16 in the summer of my year 11.
Croatia – Just been to Split, obviously.
Denmark – Visited twice as I have friends who live there, once in 2012 and February this year.
France – Visited more times than I can count – was the standard holiday destination for our family growing up.
UK – Obviously the UK as I live here and have travelled around here quite a bit!!

So, as you can see, my list is pretty pitiful but over the next few years I really want to travel more and expand that list!! I am going to Spain this summer with my family and next year, after my first year of university, I hope to go to Thailand on a TEFL trip which will give me a qualification meaning that I can teach English abroad and hopefully travel more!!

How many countries have you visited? Can you call yourself a traveller?
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