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Saturday, 9 July 2016

On my recent trip to Split we met some women who were probably in their 30s and we were talking about travelling and where they’d been (we had kind of caught the travelling bug by this point!) and they told us that once when they were travelling they were told that to be able to call yourself a traveller you have to have visited as many countries as the years that you are old. So, for me, by the end of this year I would need to have visited 18 countries. Needless to say, I definitely can’t call myself a traveller yet as we will see when I list the countries that I have been to below but I thought it was a really nice idea and wanted to write a blog post about it.

There are a couple of rules, you can’t include any countries that you only entered as you were flying through, for example a layover in an airport in Spain doesn’t count as visiting Spain – pretty self explanatory why as you are only in the airport! Also, if you are from the UK, England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland all count as a single country.

So I downloaded the ‘Been’ app when I got back to our apartment and tallied up the countries that I have been to and unfortunately that number is only  5 meaning I need to up the number of countries I have visited!! Those countries are

Belgium – I visited Bruge, Ypres and Ghent with my high school orchestra/band when I was 16 in the summer of my year 11.
Croatia – Just been to Split, obviously.
Denmark – Visited twice as I have friends who live there, once in 2012 and February this year.
France – Visited more times than I can count – was the standard holiday destination for our family growing up.
UK – Obviously the UK as I live here and have travelled around here quite a bit!!

So, as you can see, my list is pretty pitiful but over the next few years I really want to travel more and expand that list!! I am going to Spain this summer with my family and next year, after my first year of university, I hope to go to Thailand on a TEFL trip which will give me a qualification meaning that I can teach English abroad and hopefully travel more!!

How many countries have you visited? Can you call yourself a traveller?

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