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Wednesday, 6 July 2016

So I recently got back from a week in Split, Croatia and I thought that I would write up a blog post about my holiday. I have way too many photos from this holiday to fit into one blog post so I might sporadically upload photo posts of some of the beautiful places we visited whilst we were there but this is a kind of a round up post for anyone thinking of visiting Croatia and specifically, Split. 

I visited Croatia with two of my best friends and, as we are all 18, we were going on a budget, however we found that, although we were on a budget, we still had an amazing holiday as everything in Croatia is so cheap!

Where to Stay
This is probably going to be your first thought when thinking about booking a holiday to Croatia and we managed to get our accommodation, for 3 people, for a week, in an apartment right in the centre of the Old Town of Split for a total of £195, £65 each!! This was an absolutely amazing deal and we were so lucky to find this!! This was for an apartment with a double bed and a sofa bed, it wasn’t a massive apartment but it was nice and it was what we needed for a week. This was an apartment on Air BnB which if you haven’t heard of, then you are missing out so much!! It’s a site where locals rent out their flats and houses and you can hire them for your holiday, there are some really unique and interesting places to stay on there! If you sign up with this link to Air BnB then you get £20 of travel credit for free (as do I!) 

Where to Eat
Okay so food in Croatia is so cheap as we found on our first day when we ate this fish platter for two for 100 Kuna which is about £10! A fiver each for amazing freshly caught fish! Madness! Everything was super cheap as well with pizzas in restaurants costing £3.50! My advice restaurant wise would be to stick to Konobas if you can as they are the small, family run restaurants and provide the most authentic Croatian food. Also, stay away from the really touristy ones on the Riva as they will be more expensive and the food won’t be as nice!

What to Do
We had three main activity days and other than that, we spent days on the beaches around Split and mooching around the town. The three main activities that we did were, White Water Rafting, going to Krka National Park and going on a Catamaran Boat Trip. 

We went white water rafting with Pirate Rafting on the Cetina River and I am pretty sure that this was one of my favourite days of the holiday. The company is run by a husband and wife and they are the most inspiring people, they work 6 months of the year and travel for the other 6 months! The rafting trip was absolutely amazing and, as it is a smaller company, the experience was much more personal. We went cliff jumping and caving as well, all for 300 Kuna which is about £30. Neno the tour guide is also a professional photographer and took amazing pictures of us all day which we bought as a group for 100 Kuna at the end.

We also went on a trip to Krka National Park which is a beautiful UNESCO site about 40 minutes away from Split. It was such a hot day on this day and the waterfalls were so beautiful! We also met some really interesting people on this trip as well which was awesome and we will definitely stay in touch with them!
Finally our other excursion was on a Catamaran and was a day trip out visiting Hvar and stopping at Brac and the Pakleni Islands as well. At Brac and Pakleni we stopped in small coves and went swimming in the sea and at Hvar we got out and spent some time there, visiting the beaches and browsing the town. This was such a relaxing day and if I go back to Croatia, I definitely want to visit some more islands. 

Other than that, we did go on some pub crawls and go out into Split at night which was really fun! We also spent some lazy days at Bacvice beach and another beach on the other side of Marjan Hill – which we climbed for 2 and a half hours in 35 degree heat only to find that we could go round the hill and it would have been a 10 minute walk!

I thoroughly recommend Croatia and specifically Split for a holiday, it was the most amazing week and I can’t wait to hopefully go back!

Have you ever been to Croatia? What did you get up to whilst you were there?

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