White Water Rafting on the Cetina River

Saturday, 30 July 2016

Before we went to Split, one of the things that had been recommended on all the blog posts about Split had been to go white water rafting on the Cetina River so that was one of the activities that we definitely wanted to do whilst we were there! 

On our first night, we went on a pub crawl and met some American girls who recommended a company called Pirate Rafting which luckily we remembered the next day when looking for companies to go rafting with! Initially we were just going to go with the cheapest company but after we were recommended Pirate Rafting and they were only 300 kuna, we decided to go with them!

The company is ran by a couple called Hilde and Neno who met whilst travelling and they work on the river rafting for six months of the year and the other six months they spend travelling which seems pretty much like the perfect life! They picked us up in the centre of Split and drove us down the coast and up the mountains to the starting point. Our group consisted of the three of us and two other English girls who we picked up along the way. Once we were there, we could leave our stuff in the van and then we got kitted out in life jackets, helmets and neoprene shoes so we were ready to raft!

We rafted along the river for about 2-3 hours with a couple of stops along the way which included one where we climbed up a waterfall and went into a cave and another stop for cliff jumping!! All along the way, Neno, who is also a professional photographer took amazing photos of us which we then purchased at the end for only 100 kuna which is about £10! They also had juice, biscuits and schnapps at the end for us and then drove us back to Split!

It was probably one of the best days of the holiday and we were so glad that we didn’t choose to go with a more commercial company as, Neno is the only guide who goes into the cave as not many people know about it and he was a really inspiring guy who talked to us the whole way about lots of different topics and gave us recommendations of things to do!! He said that we could email him for more travel recommendations and that, if we came back to Split, we could stay in his hut if we wanted to which is right on the banks of the Cetina river!! Definitely was one of the best days of the holiday and if you are in Split, I would really recommend to go rafting with them! If you want to find out more information their site is here

As Neno would say, Pura Vida!! (Pure Life – which he learnt on his tour of Latin America!)

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