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Monday, 4 July 2016

Today I was having a big clearout and I found my old Wreck This Journal so today, I thought I would go through it and show you some of my favourite pages that I made in it! I started doing this in about year 10 so nearly 4 years ago and I haven't completed any pages in it for ages, so, maybe over my super long summer I can get around to it!

So the instruction for this one was 'Stand Here, Wipe your feet, Jump up and down'. So I stood in bright orange paint (it got everywhere!) and then I jumped onto the book. After that, I decided to make it a bit more artsy and interesting by drawing the outline of the bones in the foot in biro as I had been doing my art GCSE and one of my pieces consisted of drawing lots of different bones in a collage so I put a bit of that into my journal!

So this was my 'Make a Paper Chain', I coloured each strip in stripes and then made them into a paperchain and stapled it back into the book!

This one was literally so messy! I squirted paint all over one page and then closed the book, hoping it would make some sort of pattern and, luckily for me, it did and I managed to sort of make it into a butterfly!

When I was doing Art GCSE, biro was one of my favourite mediums to use so I did use it quite a lot in this book. Here I had to use it and smudge it which I did after drawing this eye as eyes were one of my favourite things to draw ad I wanted to make it look like the eye was crying.

These two were quite similar as they both involved water. Basically I drew a design on in felt tips and then rolled the freezing one up and put it into a bottle and then into the freezer and for the floating one, I drew the design, made it into a boat and floated it whilst I had a bath!

This really is probably my favourite page in my Wreck This Journal as I spent ages on it and I just think it looks really pretty! The dream catcher is actually a dream catcher that I have in my room (but in green) and then 'dreaming impossible dreams' are Taylor Swift lyrics as I was going through a big Taylor Swift phase in Year 10/11!

This was also a fun page to make, 'Cover this page in tape'. So I found one of my old cassette tapes and took it apart, unravelled the tape and lay it in stripes over the page then stuck the reels on and drew a cassette tape in biro! (I really did love using biro!)

I hope you've enjoyed seeing some of  these ideas for a Wreck This Journal and, if I get time over summer, maybe I'll do some more pages and I can do another post like this!

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