Manchester Cocktail Festival 2016

Sunday, 28 August 2016

A couple of weeks ago, me and my best friend went to Manchester Cocktail Festival with our mums as a treat for them before we leave for uni and, for my best friend's mum, a birthday present! Manchester Cocktail Festival lasted a week from 8-14 August and we bought a £10 wristband which gave us access to events and £4.50 cocktails all week! I thought I would do a blog post about it as it was a really great day and the cocktails were absolutely amazing!

Essentially there were about 30 bars around Manchester that were participating and each bar was sponsored by a brand of alcohol which they put into the cocktails that they had come up with for the festival to promote these independent brands of alcohol.

We made our first stop at The Botanist in Manchester to have a cocktail before having our tea. The Botanist is a small chain of restaurants around the North West and their restaurants are garden themed and decorated so they are absolutely adorable and then their amazing food just tops it off! The cocktails that they offered were a Langley's Lady, Vanilla Phoenix, Kiwi and Grapefruit Crush and an Aproni. I had a Kiwi and Grapefruit Crush which was amazing as they used real fruit and herbs then crushed it up at the bottom of the glass adding gin and soda water (I think). Me and my mum both had that one, my best friend's mum had a Langley's Lady and my best friend had a Vanilla Phoenix. I can't remember what was in a Langley's Lady but the Vanilla Phoenix was made of vanilla syrup, gin and beer and although it doesn't sound like it would go together, it tasted absolutely amazing and is what I imagine butter beer tastes like! The cocktails were absolutely amazing and the perfect start to our evening.

We then went to Bill's and, as the event we were going to later featured food, we only wanted a small tea so both mother and daughter pairs shared the Mezze Platter which was incredible and featured tapas style food such as falafel, calamari, a chicken skewer, olives and bread and hummus. Me and mum also ordered some breaded halloumi sticks. It was an absolutely incredible meal and I had a raspberry lemonade ice cream float to go with it which tasted like my childhood as I used to love ice cream floats when I was little!

We then had the main event that we actually went for which was at Allotment which is a bar in Manchester city centre near the shops. The event was called the Brockman's Gintervention and essentially consisted of a Brand Representative from Brockman's gin telling us about the gin and we tried it and then he gave each table a bottle and bottles of tonic and ginger beer and let us drink it! We were also provided with some amazing desserts as well on platters which were delicious and my favourite was definitely the chocolate covered strawberry! Brockman's Gin was genuinely the nicest gin I've ever had as it didn't really taste of gin too much, it has lots of fruity flavours in (one of it's main features is blackberries) and it was absolutely delicious!

So that was my best friend Georgie and I's adventure with our mothers into the world of cocktails in Manchester! We also got told about some really cool secret bars that we want to visit in September!

What's your favourite cocktail? 

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