The New Meaning of Feral!

Sunday, 14 August 2016

 Just a quick post today with a story from my travels! One of my favourite things about traveling is meeting new people and, when we were in Croatia, we met some lovely Australian girls on our trip to Krka Waterfalls. They were called Rearne and Tegan and were staying in Split before going on a Sail Croatia and then a Contiki for 5 weeks all around Europe – an amazing experience! While we were talking to them, they taught us some an amazing game called Snaps and some Australian slang!

The game called Snaps was so much fun, they were doing it for ages before they told us what the secret was! Essentially it was a game in which we would tell one of them a celebrity or word and then the other one would guess it by ‘reading her mind’. They used a combination of words/phrases that started with the same letter and clicks for vowels to spell out the words but made it really convincing by using gestures and intonation! It was such a fun game and kept us occupied on the bus journey to Krka! Me and my best friend then practiced and learnt how to do it and then baffled all of our friends at home with it!

They also taught us some really fun slang which included ‘feral’. Tegan used it in the context of ‘I’m looking so feral’ and me and my best friend who study Linguistics found that so interesting as, apparently in Australia, they use ‘feral’ as a term for saying that you look a mess!! I thought that was amazing and, it could be because I’m a bit of a geek but I thought it was really cool! They also used ‘duna’ to mean duvet and ‘icy poles’ as ice lollies! I love foreign slang!!

I know this was a bit of a nonsense post really but I like to share stories about the people I meet on my travels and this just seemed like a fun post to share some conversations from a super fun day!

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