8 Things to do in Copenhagen, Denmark!

Sunday, 7 August 2016

I have been to Copenhagen in Denmark twice as I know a family who live there and when we visit, we stay with them. So, today I thought I would do a blog post about some of the things that we have done when we have been to Copenhagen! Both times we went, which was in 2012 when I was 13 and February this year, have been in February so one of the most popular things to do in Copenhagen – Tivoli Gardens – has been closed so unfortunately that doesn’t feature on my list but hopefully I’m going to visit maybe next spring so I can do Tivoli then! Some of the things that we did also were a little less touristy as we were staying with this family a little outside Copenhagen but they are still things I would definitely recommend.

We went to Kronborg castle the first time I visited and had a tour around there. Kronborg castle is the setting of Shakespeare’s Hamlet and, on the week we went to Copenhagen, there had been a lot of snow so the castle looked very magical. The snow was the thickest snow I have ever seen and it was so cold that the river had frozen solid and thick pieces of ice were floating on the sea!

We also had a tour around Carlsburg Brewery in Copenhagen where we walked around the actual brewery and tasted the beer (well my parents and brothers did – I’m not a massive beer fan, give me cider anyday!) which was really cool, my parents definitely really enjoyed this – at the time I was probably a little young. Although they did have a stables which I loved as I rode horses at the time ad the restaurant served really good food!

If you’re in Copenhagen, don’t miss Christiania. Christiania is a large neighbourhood that is recognised as a free commune by Danish law. Copenhagen police don’t enforce law in the area and photography is prohibited in certain areas but it is amazing to either wander around on your own or to have a guided tour. One of the residents of Christiania gave us our tour and it was really interesting to get the insiders viewpoint of living there.

Of course we also had to visit the iconic Little Mermaid which is a statue tribute to Danish Han Christian Andersen. Everyone always says this is so crowded with tourists but maybe because of the time of year that we went or because it was so cold but we were the only ones there! It meant we managed to get some great pictures there!

We of course also went to Nyhavn which is the harbour area and me and my Danish friend Anna did some shopping on Stroget – the big shopping street which is super long and really cool!

Then when we went this year, we did a few of the less touristy things and some Copenhagen things that we didn’t do last time! We had a great day walking all around Copenhagen through Stroget and Nyhavn and then we went up Christiansborg Palace Tower which gave us an amazing view of all around Copenhagen! We also went shopping on Stroget and had afternoon tea at Konditori Antoinette which was amazing!
We went to Roskilde Viking Museum which was really interesting! It has 5 Viking ships that they resurfaced from the sea north of Copenhagen and restructured parts of so that they don’t fall apart! It was really interesting to learn about the culture of Vikings and it was amazing that these ancient ships still existed hundreds of years later.

Whilst we were in Roskilde, we also visited Roskilde Cathedral which is a gothic cathedral that is where all the Danish monarchs are buired. It's really beautiful to walk around although they have already finished preparing the tomb for the current King and Queen which seems a little morbid!

Finally we went to a lovely town called Hoge to visit some friends on our last day before catching our flight which was a nice town, really pretty to walk around!

Have you been to Copenhagen? Do you have any recommendations of what to do next time I go?

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