Edinburgh | Arthur's Seat

Sunday, 25 September 2016

If you didn't know, I recently moved to Edinburgh, Scotland to study at The University of Edinburgh for my degree in Linguistics. Therefore I thought I would do some posts about my life in Edinburgh and what I've been getting up to, including some travel bits around this new city that I get to explore! So, one of the most obvious things to do in Edinburgh is to go up Arthur's Seat which is a dormant volcano at the bottom of the Royal Mile by Holyrood Palace and happens to be right next to where I'm living this year!

We were told that it's a Fresher'sWeek tradition to go up Arthur's Seat during Fresher's Week otherwise you have 4 years of bad luck whilst you are at uni! Now, not that I believe that, but I didn't want to chance it and we wanted to go up anyway so, as we had a free Sunday, we climbed it last Sunday!

I thought it would be quite a nice easy climb up and down and would be quite gentle but it's steps all the way and they aren't nice, easy, even steps either, they're natural steps so made of rocks and completely uneven. That being said, we did make it to the top and the views were stunning, although we did have typical Edinburgh weather and it was super cloudy!

It was so windy at the top so it was difficult to get a decent photo of us all but I managed to get one on my Polaroid camera and my friend Brandon took one for snapchat! The climb up was intense and tiring but the climb down wasn't as bad (although 4/7 of us did fall over on the way down!). All in all, it was a fun afternoon (although I had had dance callback auditions that morning so my legs were burning for the next few days!) If you are in Edinburgh at any point, then I definitely would recommend it as it doesn't take too long and is definitely really fun!

If you have been to Edinburgh before, what else do I need to do whilst I'm here?

Haul | 18th Birthday Presents!

Sunday, 18 September 2016

So, a few weeks ago, on the 31st August, I finally turned 18! I'm the youngest in my year so it has been a long year of everyone else turning 18 and me waiting and waiting but I am finally there!! So today, I thought I would share some pictures of the presents that I got which I am hugely grateful for!! I've been very lucky this birthday and have had some wonderful presents off my family and friends and I really appreciate everything that they bought me! As well as presents, I also received quite a bit of money which I have put towards flights and accommodation costs for the trip that me and my best friend are taking between Christmas and New Year to Budapest and a surprise location that I can't disclose because she might be reading this! I also went to London last weekend and saw 3 shows with my best friend which was part of my birthday / exam results present but I'll discuss that in another post! Essentially, I'm just going to run through all of my presents and if there are any items you'd like to see in more detail then please let me know!

Tiffany Padlock and Key Silver Necklace
Olivia Burton Pink Leather Watch

Cath Kinston Academic Diary 2016-2017
Paper chase London Underground Notebook
Happy 18th Birthday Coaster
Personalised Photo Book

Fan from Barcelona
Manicure Voucher

Macbook Case
Framed Photos
Fat face Elephant Necklace
What's a Girl Gotta Do? by Holly Bourne
Sunshine on Leith DVD
Party Time Candle
Boots and Amazon Voucher

Vintage Tanglewood Guitar

Painting of the cover of my EP
Prosecco and White Wine

Pandora Virgo Charm

K Initial Make Up Bag
Yankee Candle - Fresh Cotton
LUSH Rosy Cheeks Face Mask
Hotel Chocolat Billionaire Shortbread Truffles

White Wine and Vodka
Mocktail Blueberry and Lime Candle
Peach Candle
Greek Soap

Music Scarf
Dorothy Perkins Dress
Grand Ole Opry T Shirt

As you can see I was an extremely lucky girl and I am incredibly grateful to my amazing family and friends who got me bits and pieces!I had a party that evening in a local bar which was incredibly fun and it was great to see all of my friends from high school that didn't carry on to my college! If you want to know about anything in more detail or want a review of any products then please let me know!

Freebies | August 2016

Sunday, 11 September 2016

Like many people, I love a good freebie! When I was younger I used to send off for all kinds of freebies as I loved getting post because it made me feel grown up! As I am starting Uni this week and I'm going to be managing my own finances, I thought it might be a good time to get back into freebie searching and so, towards the end of August, I started looking for freebies again. So, here I thought I would do a monthly round up post of all the freebies that I have found that month!

As I only started doing it towards the end of August, I don't have masses but thought it would be good to share anyway! I also applied for some to be sent to my new address as sometimes they don't get sent out for a while! So I got a fragrance sample from Charlotte Tilbury that I haven't tried yet as it's one of the one use rub on samples; it's of her new fragrance 'Scent of a Dream'. I also then got a tube from Pai skincare of one of their new serums and 4 sachets of car products which went straight to my dad! 

Definitely only small haul this month but I thought it would be good to get started and thought that this could be a fun monthly feature! Let me know if you want me to continue!

Speaker Deal - One Day Only

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Just a really quick post today to share an upcoming product that I am reviewing and a real bargain as on Thursday 8th September, this bluetooth speaker is going on 40% off! I currently don't have a bluetooth speaker and I'll want one for my uni flat so I am definitely buying on on the 8th and I will let you know how it is in an upcoming review. If you don't have one either then this is definitely a great deal and could be great for Christmas gifts for family or friends! Nothing else much to say but I'll let you know when mine arrives and what it's like! If you fancy picking one up too then you can get them here.

Huggle Social App

Sunday, 4 September 2016

I’m a student and I have just left my sixth form college meaning that I have left compulsory full time education. In a week I will have moved to Edinburgh for University, a city that I love and feel very at home in, but I know absolutely no one! That prospect is very scary and one of the things that is most scary is the idea that I might not find people that I connect with as well as the friends that I have at the moment. Obviously I’m sure I will make friends at university in my classes and societies but this prospect did get me thinking…

When I was little, I found it really easy to make friends, for example, if you’re at the park, you find someone who looks a similar age to you, go up to them and say ‘Hi, my name’s Katy, what’s yours?’ and thus you have the beginning of a beautiful friendship. As you get a bit older though, introducing yourself to new people gets harder, you become more self conscious of what other people think and you want people to like you, therefore making ‘real’ friends outside of school/college situations where you have to be around certain people is difficult! This is where the app that I’m going to discuss today comes in!

Huggle is a new social app which connects you to people who frequent the same places as you therefore meaning they have similar interests. For example, say you often go to an independent bookshop in your city, Huggle would check you in at that bookshop and then you would be able to see other people who also go to the same bookshop therefore connecting you to people with similar interests that you are more likely to get along with. You can only contact users that you have a shared location with them so harassment on the app is greatly reduced as you wouldn’t send a rude message to someone that you have to see everyday at the gym! The main idea behind Huggle is that you are where you go and to let your lifestyle connect you to new friends and relationships!

It is the first UK app to provide safety features to protect it’s users such as one minute photo verification and hyper-local technology. This stops fake check-ins as it automatically picks up the users location. Only you can see the list of places you go to and you can only speak to people who share the location so it’s not just a free for all of everyone talking to each other, each match is carefully filtered.

I also love that the connection is via places and not through the first impression of someone via their profile picture. The main things that talk about who you are as a person are your lifestyle and interests, not how you style your hair and I think it’s great that Huggle encourages this.

If you’re interested in downloading Huggle and giving it a go, you can download it from here – https://huggle.com/ or just go to the App store on your phone and search Huggle.

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