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Sunday, 25 September 2016

If you didn't know, I recently moved to Edinburgh, Scotland to study at The University of Edinburgh for my degree in Linguistics. Therefore I thought I would do some posts about my life in Edinburgh and what I've been getting up to, including some travel bits around this new city that I get to explore! So, one of the most obvious things to do in Edinburgh is to go up Arthur's Seat which is a dormant volcano at the bottom of the Royal Mile by Holyrood Palace and happens to be right next to where I'm living this year!

We were told that it's a Fresher'sWeek tradition to go up Arthur's Seat during Fresher's Week otherwise you have 4 years of bad luck whilst you are at uni! Now, not that I believe that, but I didn't want to chance it and we wanted to go up anyway so, as we had a free Sunday, we climbed it last Sunday!

I thought it would be quite a nice easy climb up and down and would be quite gentle but it's steps all the way and they aren't nice, easy, even steps either, they're natural steps so made of rocks and completely uneven. That being said, we did make it to the top and the views were stunning, although we did have typical Edinburgh weather and it was super cloudy!

It was so windy at the top so it was difficult to get a decent photo of us all but I managed to get one on my Polaroid camera and my friend Brandon took one for snapchat! The climb up was intense and tiring but the climb down wasn't as bad (although 4/7 of us did fall over on the way down!). All in all, it was a fun afternoon (although I had had dance callback auditions that morning so my legs were burning for the next few days!) If you are in Edinburgh at any point, then I definitely would recommend it as it doesn't take too long and is definitely really fun!

If you have been to Edinburgh before, what else do I need to do whilst I'm here?

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