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Sunday, 4 September 2016

I’m a student and I have just left my sixth form college meaning that I have left compulsory full time education. In a week I will have moved to Edinburgh for University, a city that I love and feel very at home in, but I know absolutely no one! That prospect is very scary and one of the things that is most scary is the idea that I might not find people that I connect with as well as the friends that I have at the moment. Obviously I’m sure I will make friends at university in my classes and societies but this prospect did get me thinking…

When I was little, I found it really easy to make friends, for example, if you’re at the park, you find someone who looks a similar age to you, go up to them and say ‘Hi, my name’s Katy, what’s yours?’ and thus you have the beginning of a beautiful friendship. As you get a bit older though, introducing yourself to new people gets harder, you become more self conscious of what other people think and you want people to like you, therefore making ‘real’ friends outside of school/college situations where you have to be around certain people is difficult! This is where the app that I’m going to discuss today comes in!

Huggle is a new social app which connects you to people who frequent the same places as you therefore meaning they have similar interests. For example, say you often go to an independent bookshop in your city, Huggle would check you in at that bookshop and then you would be able to see other people who also go to the same bookshop therefore connecting you to people with similar interests that you are more likely to get along with. You can only contact users that you have a shared location with them so harassment on the app is greatly reduced as you wouldn’t send a rude message to someone that you have to see everyday at the gym! The main idea behind Huggle is that you are where you go and to let your lifestyle connect you to new friends and relationships!

It is the first UK app to provide safety features to protect it’s users such as one minute photo verification and hyper-local technology. This stops fake check-ins as it automatically picks up the users location. Only you can see the list of places you go to and you can only speak to people who share the location so it’s not just a free for all of everyone talking to each other, each match is carefully filtered.

I also love that the connection is via places and not through the first impression of someone via their profile picture. The main things that talk about who you are as a person are your lifestyle and interests, not how you style your hair and I think it’s great that Huggle encourages this.

If you’re interested in downloading Huggle and giving it a go, you can download it from here – or just go to the App store on your phone and search Huggle.

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