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Sunday, 30 October 2016

So today’s post is a little bit different to what I normally do. Normally my posts are about my life, my travels and adventures but today’s post is going to be a little more serious and important. Most people know that on 8th November, the USA is electing their new president and the choice is between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. I know that reading this will probably not change anybody’s mind about the election and who they are going to vote for but I felt that I should write a post about it anyway.

At uni, most of my friends are American and therefore, the election has become quite prevalent in my life through them as it’s obviously very important to them! We have watched the debates together and genuinely cannot believe that the situation is what it is.

Hillary Clinton is probably the most experienced person to run for president, and yet she is running against someone with no background in politics, just a background in business. Yes, in business, Donald Trump may have made a lot of money but the business world is very different to the political world and you cannot work your way up in the political world by treading on other people’s backs like you can (and he has) in business. The fact that this man is one of two people who could run one of the most powerful countries in the world is terrifying.

The world knows Donald Trump’s view on women, especially thanks to his recent leaked tape and, with that as an example to add to the plethora of other examples where he has been derogatory towards women, I can’t understand how any woman from the states can vote for him. I don’t think that’s a hyperbolic statement either. He has been shown to abuse women, emotionally and sexually and the fact that everyone knows that, yet he is still a presidential candidate is shocking. His conduct towards his actions is also ridiculous. Yes, he apologised about the leaked tape but that doesn’t make it okay. He doesn’t accept Clinton’s apologies yet he expects the public to accept his even though he deflects and mitigates discussion of his behaviour, saying it’s ‘locker room talk’.

His behaviour in interviews is both bullying and shows all the characteristics of abusive behaviour. He is humiliating, shown through his decision to hold a press conference with women who have accused Bill Clinton of rape, just before the second presidential debate. I don’t believe for one second that Trump did this because he feels sympathy towards these women and wants to help them, especially as he has insulted them before behind their backs. I strongly believe that he did this only to humiliate both Clinton and these women.  He also uses threats and intimidation in the debates and, what I found unnerving was that, during the second debate, whilst she was talking, he followed her, stood behind her and entered her personal space numerous times. At points, I actually felt scared for her as I know that I would feel terrified if someone was doing that to me.

I have learnt a lot about American politics during the past few weeks and, although I understand that they do have a slightly different culture, it isn’t worlds apart and I know that if this man was trying to run my country, I would do everything I could to stop him. As I’m not a US citizen, I can’t do anything obviously and these are just my views on the situation, everyone has different opinions on him! The most important thing is that, whatever country you are in (especially America though), if you are of voting age, please don’t waste your vote. In the UK, I look at my vote as something that other women fought for me to be able to have so I vote for the women who lost their lives fighting to get women the right to vote. So please, if you are of voting age, make sure you are signed up to vote and please use that vote. Research the candidates, find out their opinions and vote based on your research. Hope this post wasn’t too out there from what I normally write!

Freebies | September 2016

Sunday, 23 October 2016

I haven't had too much time in September to actively sign up for freebies but as it was fresher's week, they were giving away lots of free things directly on campus! So, here is what I got for free in September...

This was my first September freebie and consisted of some sanitary pads and panty liners from Bodyform! They gave away 2 panty liners and 3 pads which is great considering the Tampon Tax is still a thing but, we won't get into that now! This was one that I just signed up for online on their website and they sent straight to me!

Then these are the freebies that I got given during Fresher's Week at various events! Stoats and Mackie's were giving away free bars and packets of crisps in return for follows on Instagram at one of the Fresher's fairs. Domino's were on campus everyday giving us vouchers for free personal pizzas, the company who run the halls I live in were giving away the fork, knife and spoon combinations and and Launch.Ed were giving away the notebooks! I thought that these were some good little bits to get during fresher's week and I was very happy with them!

Then finally, another one that I signed up for online, a sample of dog food which I will give to my dog as a present when I go home! Another one that you sign up for online and they sent to me!

So they were the freebies that I got this month! There will be another post next month in which I show the freebies I will hopefully get in October!

Haul | University Textbooks (& How to Get Them Cheap!)

Sunday, 16 October 2016

So, one of the things that they don't mention before you go to university is how expensive textbooks are! I do Linguistics which requires a lot of reading, unlike my brothers who do maths/sciences! This meant that within my first couple of weeks at uni, I had to buy a lot of textbooks so I thought I would go through the textbooks that I bought and where I got them from plus how to get them a little cheaper!

I still have some leftover birthday money so I did buy two brand new books that aren't essential reading for my course but I just thought looked interesting at Waterstones - 'Made in America' by Bill Bryson and 'Alphabetical' by Michael Rosen. They are both based on linguistics on the history of American English and the history of the alphabet! Anyway, back to textbooks!

So, within my first couple of days of uni, I hadn't been given a textbook reading list for any of my subjects, however I did know which units we were going to be studying for linguistics. I was just wandering past an Oxfam charity shop on the way to my friend's halls of residence and I saw a book on English Phonology in the window which I knew we would cover in the course so of course, I hurried in to get it and found that they had quite a few books on linguistics! They were selling textbooks that are usually £20 for £3.99 so if you have just started uni then definitely check all the charity shops nearby for your textbooks, you might come across some really bargains like I did! So I got four text books from that Oxfam, English Phonology, The Study of Language (pictured above) and The Encyclopaedia of the English Language and Working with Texts (pictured below)

There were two textbooks that I did order full price on Amazon because they were the essential ones for this unit of the course and, although they were available on the library website as ebooks, I like to annotate books so I wanted physical copies. They were each £20 on Amazon.

I then also got my Social Anthropology and Danish textbooks! I didn't need to buy the Social Anthropology one but I have never studied it before and I wanted some background info so I got this one at the big bookshop in Edinburgh - Blackwell's - who do really good student deals! I also got the Aktivt Dansk textbook at Blackwell's which is definitely the most expensive book I have ever bought at £62.99! I have no idea why it is that expensive but that was literally the cheapest price I could find as an amazon seller let me down!

Luckily I got my grammar and word list book at a good deal for about £10 on eBay for a brand new copy (plus it had a postcard in offering help on any of my assignments!).

Yeah so be warned, textbooks at university are super expensive and they don't tell you about that before you go! The only books I absolutely had to buy were my Danish ones but I do like having the physical books so I suppose that is also kind of my fault! Regardless, they will be used well throughout the first year of my degree!

University | Fresher's Week

Sunday, 9 October 2016

So, as you guys know, I started university a few weeks ago and I thought I would do a blog post in which I ran through my Fresher's Week and what I did in it! So, I moved up to Edinburgh on 10 September and Fresher's Week started on that Saturday till the following Sunday. To be honest, I didn't have that crazy a Fresher's Week as I'm not that into clubbing too much so I spent lots of time hanging out with new friends and exploring my new city!

That being said... the first night we did go out clubbing! I met my flat that day when I moved in and we decided that we would go out that evening. Edinburgh University have a club night called 'The Big Cheese' which is their weekly Saturday club night so we planned to go to that however the queues were huge so we went into the student's union - Teviot and then went to another club in Edinburgh with some other people that we met that evening! It was a really fun evening and it was great to get to know my flat and hang out with new people!

The next day I had lunch with my parents who had stayed overnight in Edinburgh and then I said goodbye to them as they had to drive back home to Cheshire! Then I met up with some people that I had been talking to for a while online who I knew were on my course! Since then, those people have become my main friends at uni since they are on my course and I hang out with them all the time! We went to a dialect taster session ran by the Linguistics Society at Edinburgh Uni which was really fun!

Fresher's week started properly on the following Monday and featured the Academic Fair in which we had to pick our courses from outside our degree (Danish and Social Anthropology for me), the societies fair, subject mixers, welcome talks and lots of other events to help us settle in! One of the highlights of the week for me was the comedy night in which we saw three comedians - Ed Gamble, Glenn Moore and Ray Bradshaw who were hilarious!

The week went by really quickly and culminated with Fresher's Ball which was a formal event held in our Student's Union (the oldest Student's Union in the country)! It was such a fun night, there was a casino, chocolate fountain, all of the bars and restaurants in the union were serving amazing food and the rooftop bar was open as well! Best of all, there was a Ceilidh! Me and my American friend Brandon have discovered how fun a Ceilidh is whilst we have been here and we Ceilidh-ed two nights in a row (our legs were so sore!). It was a really fun week and I definitely met a lot of people who I want to stay friends with throughout Uni!

Review | Eden's Semilla Skincare Serums

Sunday, 2 October 2016

Eden’s Semilla is a brand that I had heard some good things about on YouTube and Instagram and so I was delighted when they got in contact with me to discuss reviewing two of their serums! There are so many new skin products on the market at the moment and to be honest, when I go into Boots, I have no idea what to try so I was excited by the prospect of trying two of their new serums!

The two serums that I tried were the Hyaluronic Acid Serum and their Vitamin C Serum, both of which are made of natural ingredients designed to rejuvenate tired skin. I don’t tend to have massive problems with my skin, however that is primarily because I don’t do a lot to it – I don’t wear masses of makeup (or any usually because I’m lazy) but it’s definitely not the best that it could be, as I saw when I started using these serums.

On advice from the great team at Eden’s Semilla, I started to use the serums in conjunction with each other, using Hyaluronic Acid Serum at night and the Vitamin C Serum in the morning. I also kept them in the fridge which isn’t strictly necessary but I found that it did help as it meant that when I put the serums on, they were really cool and refreshing.

In terms of what the serums did, I found that they worked really well in tightening and rejuvenating my skin, making it softer and smoother and overall it looked healthier. I did prefer the Hyaluronic Acid one just because I found that the vitamin C one left my skin slightly tacky during the day (maybe because it didn’t sink in overnight like the other one did) which meant that my face continued to feel like that throughout the day. This however wasn’t a massive deal, it didn’t look any different to anyone looking at my face so I was the only one aware of it. I can’t tell you what the serums work like on their own as I haven’t tried them on their own, only in conjunction with each other but, as I said, the Hyaluronic Acid one was my favourite in terms of how my skin felt after sleeping with it on my skin.

I hope that you enjoyed this review of these two serums, I definitely loved using them! They are available for £10.95 each on Amazon here and here. I would definitely recommend trying them, they have worked really well on my skin!

If beauty/skincare posts is something you would like to see more of then please let me know!!
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