Freebies | September 2016

Sunday, 23 October 2016

I haven't had too much time in September to actively sign up for freebies but as it was fresher's week, they were giving away lots of free things directly on campus! So, here is what I got for free in September...

This was my first September freebie and consisted of some sanitary pads and panty liners from Bodyform! They gave away 2 panty liners and 3 pads which is great considering the Tampon Tax is still a thing but, we won't get into that now! This was one that I just signed up for online on their website and they sent straight to me!

Then these are the freebies that I got given during Fresher's Week at various events! Stoats and Mackie's were giving away free bars and packets of crisps in return for follows on Instagram at one of the Fresher's fairs. Domino's were on campus everyday giving us vouchers for free personal pizzas, the company who run the halls I live in were giving away the fork, knife and spoon combinations and and Launch.Ed were giving away the notebooks! I thought that these were some good little bits to get during fresher's week and I was very happy with them!

Then finally, another one that I signed up for online, a sample of dog food which I will give to my dog as a present when I go home! Another one that you sign up for online and they sent to me!

So they were the freebies that I got this month! There will be another post next month in which I show the freebies I will hopefully get in October!

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