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Sunday, 16 October 2016

So, one of the things that they don't mention before you go to university is how expensive textbooks are! I do Linguistics which requires a lot of reading, unlike my brothers who do maths/sciences! This meant that within my first couple of weeks at uni, I had to buy a lot of textbooks so I thought I would go through the textbooks that I bought and where I got them from plus how to get them a little cheaper!

I still have some leftover birthday money so I did buy two brand new books that aren't essential reading for my course but I just thought looked interesting at Waterstones - 'Made in America' by Bill Bryson and 'Alphabetical' by Michael Rosen. They are both based on linguistics on the history of American English and the history of the alphabet! Anyway, back to textbooks!

So, within my first couple of days of uni, I hadn't been given a textbook reading list for any of my subjects, however I did know which units we were going to be studying for linguistics. I was just wandering past an Oxfam charity shop on the way to my friend's halls of residence and I saw a book on English Phonology in the window which I knew we would cover in the course so of course, I hurried in to get it and found that they had quite a few books on linguistics! They were selling textbooks that are usually £20 for £3.99 so if you have just started uni then definitely check all the charity shops nearby for your textbooks, you might come across some really bargains like I did! So I got four text books from that Oxfam, English Phonology, The Study of Language (pictured above) and The Encyclopaedia of the English Language and Working with Texts (pictured below)

There were two textbooks that I did order full price on Amazon because they were the essential ones for this unit of the course and, although they were available on the library website as ebooks, I like to annotate books so I wanted physical copies. They were each £20 on Amazon.

I then also got my Social Anthropology and Danish textbooks! I didn't need to buy the Social Anthropology one but I have never studied it before and I wanted some background info so I got this one at the big bookshop in Edinburgh - Blackwell's - who do really good student deals! I also got the Aktivt Dansk textbook at Blackwell's which is definitely the most expensive book I have ever bought at £62.99! I have no idea why it is that expensive but that was literally the cheapest price I could find as an amazon seller let me down!

Luckily I got my grammar and word list book at a good deal for about £10 on eBay for a brand new copy (plus it had a postcard in offering help on any of my assignments!).

Yeah so be warned, textbooks at university are super expensive and they don't tell you about that before you go! The only books I absolutely had to buy were my Danish ones but I do like having the physical books so I suppose that is also kind of my fault! Regardless, they will be used well throughout the first year of my degree!

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