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Sunday, 2 October 2016

Eden’s Semilla is a brand that I had heard some good things about on YouTube and Instagram and so I was delighted when they got in contact with me to discuss reviewing two of their serums! There are so many new skin products on the market at the moment and to be honest, when I go into Boots, I have no idea what to try so I was excited by the prospect of trying two of their new serums!

The two serums that I tried were the Hyaluronic Acid Serum and their Vitamin C Serum, both of which are made of natural ingredients designed to rejuvenate tired skin. I don’t tend to have massive problems with my skin, however that is primarily because I don’t do a lot to it – I don’t wear masses of makeup (or any usually because I’m lazy) but it’s definitely not the best that it could be, as I saw when I started using these serums.

On advice from the great team at Eden’s Semilla, I started to use the serums in conjunction with each other, using Hyaluronic Acid Serum at night and the Vitamin C Serum in the morning. I also kept them in the fridge which isn’t strictly necessary but I found that it did help as it meant that when I put the serums on, they were really cool and refreshing.

In terms of what the serums did, I found that they worked really well in tightening and rejuvenating my skin, making it softer and smoother and overall it looked healthier. I did prefer the Hyaluronic Acid one just because I found that the vitamin C one left my skin slightly tacky during the day (maybe because it didn’t sink in overnight like the other one did) which meant that my face continued to feel like that throughout the day. This however wasn’t a massive deal, it didn’t look any different to anyone looking at my face so I was the only one aware of it. I can’t tell you what the serums work like on their own as I haven’t tried them on their own, only in conjunction with each other but, as I said, the Hyaluronic Acid one was my favourite in terms of how my skin felt after sleeping with it on my skin.

I hope that you enjoyed this review of these two serums, I definitely loved using them! They are available for £10.95 each on Amazon here and here. I would definitely recommend trying them, they have worked really well on my skin!

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