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Sunday, 9 October 2016

So, as you guys know, I started university a few weeks ago and I thought I would do a blog post in which I ran through my Fresher's Week and what I did in it! So, I moved up to Edinburgh on 10 September and Fresher's Week started on that Saturday till the following Sunday. To be honest, I didn't have that crazy a Fresher's Week as I'm not that into clubbing too much so I spent lots of time hanging out with new friends and exploring my new city!

That being said... the first night we did go out clubbing! I met my flat that day when I moved in and we decided that we would go out that evening. Edinburgh University have a club night called 'The Big Cheese' which is their weekly Saturday club night so we planned to go to that however the queues were huge so we went into the student's union - Teviot and then went to another club in Edinburgh with some other people that we met that evening! It was a really fun evening and it was great to get to know my flat and hang out with new people!

The next day I had lunch with my parents who had stayed overnight in Edinburgh and then I said goodbye to them as they had to drive back home to Cheshire! Then I met up with some people that I had been talking to for a while online who I knew were on my course! Since then, those people have become my main friends at uni since they are on my course and I hang out with them all the time! We went to a dialect taster session ran by the Linguistics Society at Edinburgh Uni which was really fun!

Fresher's week started properly on the following Monday and featured the Academic Fair in which we had to pick our courses from outside our degree (Danish and Social Anthropology for me), the societies fair, subject mixers, welcome talks and lots of other events to help us settle in! One of the highlights of the week for me was the comedy night in which we saw three comedians - Ed Gamble, Glenn Moore and Ray Bradshaw who were hilarious!

The week went by really quickly and culminated with Fresher's Ball which was a formal event held in our Student's Union (the oldest Student's Union in the country)! It was such a fun night, there was a casino, chocolate fountain, all of the bars and restaurants in the union were serving amazing food and the rooftop bar was open as well! Best of all, there was a Ceilidh! Me and my American friend Brandon have discovered how fun a Ceilidh is whilst we have been here and we Ceilidh-ed two nights in a row (our legs were so sore!). It was a really fun week and I definitely met a lot of people who I want to stay friends with throughout Uni!

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