Edinburgh | Mary's Milk Bar & St Giles Cathedral

Sunday, 6 November 2016

This is the next post in what I hope will be a mini series about Edinburgh, seen as I live here now and definitely want to explore all the amazing things that this city has to offer! One of my friends from home who I have known since I was a child came up to Edinburgh to see me a few weekends ago for the Edinburgh University Open Day as she also wants to do the same course as me. On the day after the open day, she wanted to have a look around Edinburgh so I gave her a little tour and we ended up going into Mary's Milk Bar which is an ice cream shop on Grassmarket and St Giles' Cathedral which is the big cathedral on The Royal Mile so I thought I would feature those two things in this 'Edinburgh' post!

The first is Mary's Milk Bar which is an amazing little ice cream shop on Grassmarket! It can get really busy in peak times so you might be best to head there when it's not so busy but they do amazing homemade ice cream in really unusual flavours as well as some more traditional flavours! They also do delicious hot chocolate floats which is what me and my friend had in which they make a hot chocolate (their hot chocolates are amazing - like real hot chocolates) and then put a scoop of an ice cream flavour of your choice on the top - I had salted caramel! I have also had regular ice cream there once and I had a Bramble Sorbet which I had no idea what it was going to taste like but it was pink and I fancied something fruity, which it was - I described it to my friend as 'like raspberries, but with an earthier twist' - I don't know if that was a good description or not!

We also popped into St Giles' cathedral as we were waiting for her train and had nothing to do so we popped in there to have a look around as it is a beautiful building. I like going into the cathedral as it always seems really peaceful and it's nice to be in such a beautiful place which is literally on the busiest tourist street in Edinburgh! The stained glass windows are amazing and the ceiling has amazing patterns on too!

So these were my Edinburgh experiences for this post, if you have any recommendations then please let me know!!

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