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Sunday, 20 November 2016

I've got to say, it's getting pretty wintry up here in Scotland now so I thought I would do a throwback post to my holiday in Croatia last June and write in a bit more detail about Krka National Park that we visited! 

So, we were staying in Split and, as we didn't have a car, the easiest way for us to get to Krka National Park was through a tour company. It was definitely something we wanted to do as so many people had recommended it to us so we went through a tour company in Diocletian's palace that had been recommended to us and I think we paid £18 to them for the 2 hour coach ride and a boat ride into the national park and then we paid £8 as students for entry into the park.

So Krka National Park is based around the Krka River and is known for the series of 7 waterfalls which are absolutely beautiful! When you enter the park, you enter at the bottom of the waterfalls where there is the river and you can swim and sunbathe. There is then a hike that you can do up to the top through other parts of the park which lets you see some of the beautiful nature that lives there amongst more picturesque scenery and waterfalls!

The day we went was the hottest day whilst we were in Croatia, getting up to 36-7 degrees and it also coincided with the day that it was announced that the UK are leaving the EU! We met up with some lovely women on the coach who kept us up to date with everything that day as the British political world tore itself apart and we also met some lovely Australian girls and we explained everything that was going on to them throughout the day!

After the 2 hour coach ride, we arrived at the Krka river and had about a 30 minute boat cruise along the river to get to the entrance to the park. As we walked in, we could hear the waterfall before we saw it and it's difficult to describe in words how stunning it was. There are so many tiers to the waterfall and the water is just so blue, it's unreal. We spent quite a bit of time at the bottom swimming, taking photos and eating ice cream! When it got really hot at midday, we started the hike up through the surrounding park and forest areas so we could spend sometime out of the sun!

It was an absolutely incredible day and I think my pictures speak for themselves! It was also an amazing day as we met some lovely people who were a delight to be with, one of the things I absolutely love about travelling! If you are going to Croatia and have the opportunity to go to Krka, it's definitely worth it!

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