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Sunday, 11 December 2016

When I visited Copenhagen we visited a really pretty harbour area called Nyhavn (New Harbour) that I thought I would show you guys today! I thought I had more pictures from the area but I can’t find any apart from this one from my visit in 2012 but essentially it’s a beautiful area near the harbour with coloured houses and you can get boat trips along the canal and round to The Little Mermaid. It’s definitely an area that you should visit if you’re in Copenhagen, even if just to wander around as that’s what we do when we visit Copenhagen as we are with a Danish family so we wander around the city and get more of a local’s view which is lovely. In Nyhavn there are also lots of cafes and restaurants so if you get there around a mealtime, it’s a lovely place to sit, eat a meal and relax!

As you can see when we visited, the canal was actually frozen, as was most of the water in and around Copenhagen as the first time when we visited in 2012, there was about a foot of snow and it was super cold for the entire week, which I loved! I ahven’t been in the summer but I have seen others’ pictures of Nyhavn in the summer and it is really pretty then as all of the colours of the houses are really bright, however I did think it was beautiful, even in, and maybe because of the snow!

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