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Sunday, 8 January 2017

So, over New Years, my friend Georgie and I went to Bucharest for 3 nights and today, I thought I would do a round up post of our time there and what I would recommend to do if you find yourselves in Bucharest!

When we told people that we were going to Bucharest, we got mixed reactions and, to be honest, we weren't entirely sure what to expect but we were pleasantly surprised by the city! It was really beautiful with an amazing mix of architecture styles and it was lovely to just wander around the city! We had two full days in total as our flight arrived late at night so we  managed to fit quite a few things in whilst not cramming our schedule so we had some spontaneity!

Where to Stay

On this trip, we stayed at a hostel for the first time! We wanted it to be as inexpensive a trip as possible as of course, we are both students so we decided to stay in a hostel in the centre of Bucharest - Little Bucharest Hostel. It was a really great hostel with loads going on! We went on a pub crawl on our first night with the hostel and actually had our New Years Eve party there too! It was really clean and a very sociable place to stay! It was also in a great location, right in the centre of the old town so I would definitely recommend it on all fronts if you are looking for a place to stay in Bucharest!

Where to Eat

We had a slight issue on two of our days in Bucharest eating as it was New Years Eve and New Years Day and a lot of places seemed to be closed! Luckily we got in to the restaurant that we really wanted tot go to on the first day - Caru cu Bere which is the oldest restaurant in Budapest and they had amazing food and a student deal which meant that you could get a full meal and drink for 13.50 lei which is the equivalent of about £2.60!! We ate in a couple of other places too but that was definitely my favourite place that we ate in Bucharest as the other places were places we just had to find and go into because they were open as so few places were open on New Years Eve and New Years Day but the food we had at Caru cu Bere was amazing! We also had an amazing Romanian dessert on our last day called Papa Nash which were donuts filled with cream cheese and covered with jam, they were great!

What to Do

It's a relatively small city so you probably can do most of it in a few days, although there were a few things that we had to miss out on due to opening hours during the festive period such as the Cotroceni Palace and The Village Museum but we managed to fit a lot of the things we wanted to do in! One of our must dos was the tour of the palace of the parliament which is absolutely huge and really interesting to look around! We saw 5% of the building on our 2 hour tour and it was so interesting to learn about the history of the city and culture! We also loved the free walking tour which showed us around a lot of different parts of the city and gave us different insights into the culture and we learnt more about the revolution which was fascinating to learn about! I would definitely recommend those two things if you go to Bucharest! It is also a really lovely city to wander around and get lost in! There is a lot of contrasting architecture and it's really interesting to just wander the city and look at the buildings!

I will do some more in depth posts about different elements of our trip to Bucharest but I hope you have enjoyed this little taster of our trip to Romania!

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