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Thursday, 6 April 2017

So today I’m doing a bit of a different post, I’m doing a book review of Cecelia Ahern’s new book which is the sequel to her amazing book ‘Flawed’ which was the bestselling YA debut of 2016! I’ve read ‘Flawed’ and it’s an absolutely incredible book so I’m very excited to be sharing the sequel ‘Perfect’ with you!

‘Flawed’ was Cecelia Ahern’s young adult debut and is set in a dystopian future where perfection is essential and flaws are severely punished by their skin being branded with an F in different places depending on their flaw. However, what if these ‘flaws’ are actually ethically and morally right such as white lies to spare peoples feelings?

It’s such a good book, I was absolutely hooked right until the very end and it really makes you consider the values and ethics of 21st century life. I would highly recommend it to any young adult who enjoys reading that kind of dystopian reality book which is why I was so excited to be sent the new book in the series!

‘Perfect’ continues on from ‘Flawed’ with the protagonist, Celestine North who has been branded Flawed and therefore had all her freedoms revoked. She has been declared the number one threat to the public and is on the run with the ‘complicated and powerfully attractive Carrick’. However she has a secret that could bring the entire Flawed/Perfect system to the ground and therefore the entire world that she knows. She is running out of time however and Celestine must make the choice between saving herself or risking her life to save everyone else who has also been branded as Flawed.

To celebrate the release of ‘Perfect’, Harper Collins, the publisher of the ‘Flawed’ series have made a game to find out whether you are perfect or flawed which consists of quiz questions. I took this quiz and found out that I was 20% Flawed with 4 brands! Although initially this seems bad, as the book makes you think about – would you rather be flawed or perfect? Cause I for one, definitely think I would rather be Flawed! You can take this quiz here for yourself and find out if you are more perfect or flawed and tell me which you would rather be!

This is such a good series and I would really recommend it, especially as summer is coming up and it’s the time to get your books for your holidays! You can buy the book here, available now!
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