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Thursday, 29 June 2017

During my first year at Edinburgh University, I made lots of new friends and many of them were American, including the guy who is now my best friend. So when he invited me to come and stay two weeks in San Diego with him, I was very excited! We planned it out a lot and had so many ideas of what we should do and eat! It was an amazing two weeks holiday for the first two weeks of June and now I have been back nearly two weeks and I have time to write some blog posts about it as I have been back and forth from London for the past week! I thought the first blog post I would do would be about the food that we ate as I had never been to America before and I found some of the food really cool! Brandon, my best friend, obviously lived in San Diego until very recently so he knew lots of places for us to eat, we worked our way through most of the places on the list to give me a both a taste of America and California specifically!

Mexican Food in California

Okay, so for this whole year, Brandon had been saying that Mexican food in the UK ‘isn’t real Mexican food’ and whilst I get that it’s not as fresh and authentic as what he is used to, (living literally on the border to Mexico) I was quite defensive of UK Mexican food but unfortunately, I can’t be anymore. We ate a hell of a lot of Mexican food and guys, UK Mexican food is just not Mexican food. It was the first food we ate when we got there, we went to a Mexican fast food place called Rubio’s and I had fish tacos which were amazing (although I was so confused as to how to eat them as the British person inside me wanted to use a knife and fork). We also ate at Chipotle which has the best guacamole ever, that was incredible. I tried a Chimichanga for the first time at a Mexican restaurant called Mi Guatalajara, we ate more Mexican in San Diego’s Old Town, ate at a place called Chronic Tacos in Irvine when visiting some friends and had even more Mexican at home. We had a lot of Mexican food but my god, was it amazing.


Brandon had been telling me about Soup Plantation for this whole academic year. Primarily about the Ranch dressing. It didn’t let me down. Souplantation is an all you can eat buffet serving salad, soups, pastas and pizzas mainly. It was such a filling meal and the ranch dressing is absolutely incredible. I am not really a salad person unless there is a really good dressing as otherwise I don’t think it tastes of much but my goodness, this ranch dressing was good and we just don’t have anything like it in the UK!

Island’s Burgers

More ranch dressing. This time alongside burgers. We went here after my first full day in San Diego and their burgers are incredible. I had the Maui burger which had guacamole and salad with a veggie burger and it was so tasty. This was the same day as Souplantation so I had a lot of ranch dressing on this day but I don’t regret a thing.

Baked Bear

Baked Bear was a revelation to me. I had seen pictures and I didn’t believe it could be as good as it sounded but oh my goodness it was. Essentially they have a variety of flavours of cookies, brownies and ice cream and you can create a custom ice cream sandwich! Mine was a snickerdoodle, as we don’t have those in the UK alongside a brownie and caramel fudge ice cream, it was heaven.

Frozen Yogurt

Now we do have frozen yogurt in the UK but compared to what you can get in California, it’s just a bit naff. We have about two flavours at the place in Edinburgh and it’s really expensive but when we got it in San Diego, they have so many flavours and you do it yourself, add toppings and then the price just comes completely from the weight which makes it a lot cheaper than when you buy frozen yogurt in the UK.

Acai Bowls

We went to a place by Cardiff on Sea that was a Acai Cafe and I have to be honest I didn't have a clue what Acai was and actually, I still don't but it tastes really good! I got a peanut butter, chocolate and banana bowl and essentially it's a little like yogurt with granola and fruit but not quite, it's more dessert like and we had it for a light snack after lunch and it was delicious. I really don't know quite how to describe it but it was so good and I felt really healthy after eating it which is always a plus!


Panera is amazing, I can't quite deal. Essentially it's just a cafe but their bread is absolutely incredible. I had a toasted bagel with egg white, avocado and spinach and it was such a good breakfast! Their cinnamon crunch bagel with cream cheese is also excellent and I am now going to focus on adhering the Panera HQ until they open up UK branches!

Cauldron Ice Cream

OK so this place isn't in San Diego but it's amazing so I felt like I needed to include it. Cauldron is near Irvine/Santa Ana and it's an ice cream place. Firstly their ice cream is really amazing, they freeze it on site with liquid nitrogen so it's super creamy and amazing. But above that, they can serve it in a puffle cone which comes in three flavours (I got red velvet) and then they do toppings for example, I had the Smores cone which consisted of chocolate ice cream (I also got it shaped as a flower) in a red velvet puffle cone with graham crackers on top and melted marshmallow. I died. 

They are pretty much the highlights of the places we ate in San Diego, we ate in a few more places e.g iHop and In N Out but they are a little more standard, I mean still really good, but they aren't particularly specific to San Diego. Let me know if you have any questions about San Diego!

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