2 Places you Must Eat at in Bucharest | Romania

Thursday, 13 July 2017

When we arrived in Bucharest, in all honesty, we had no idea what Romanian food would be like. I thought it would probably be relatively meat based and warming foods and, especially as we were there in December, we weren't wrong! There are two places that I definitely think you should eat at if you go to Bucharest and I will share those with you in this post!

The first place is where we ate on our first day after our tour of The Palace of the Parliament where we met two American guys whose father is Romanian. They asked us if we wanted to eat lunch with them at a very popular restaurant called Caru cu Bare which actually turned out to be just opposite our hostel although we didn't know this at the time! Caru cu Bere is the oldest restaurant in Bucharest and therefore does have a lot of tourists but also a lot of locals eat and drink there too. The guys we met said that it served really traditional Romanian food and it definitely didn't disappoint. It was also incredibly cheap as they have a student menu that gets you a full meal and drink for 14 lei which equates to around £2.50! My best friend Georgie and I shared two meals half and half so we could each experience two dishes, we had Romanian skinless sausages and Chicken Breast schnitzel which were both very tasty. As I thought though, it was highly meat based, well the student menu was but there were vegetarian options on the main menu. Definitely somewhere to go for a lot of food for very little money!

The other place I will recommend is called La Mama and actually, I am recommending the dish mainly which is a traditional Romanian desert called Papa Nash. We got recommended to try Papa Nash by the tour guide on our walking tour and she told us about La Mama which was near to Revolution Square where the tour ended. We decided that we definitely wanted to eat it before we left and we ate Papa Nash as our lunch before leaving to get our flight to Bucharest on New Years Day. Papa Nash is essentially like a large, fried donut that is filled with sour cream and jam and it really is an experience. I have never tried anything like it, it's so filling and delicious, but very different to deserts in the UK. I would definitely recommend it!

So they are the two dishes I would definitely recommend trying, I am sure there are many more Romanian dishes and restaurants in Bucharest that you should try, unfortunately as we were there over New Year's Eve and New Year's Day, a lot of the restaurants closed meaning we couldn't try as many as we wanted to, I guess that just means we will have to go back!

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