Szechenyi Baths | Budapest, Hungary

Saturday, 16 September 2017

When my best friend and I went to Budapest, one of the things we were really excited about was going to the thermal bath spas! They have been visited by locals and tourists alike for years and we were so excited to try the thermal hot springs that run under the city of Budapest.

They have been known about since the Romans settled in the city and they had warm water public baths but they were really developed into what they are today during the Turkish occupation of Hungary when the large bath/spa complexes were built. There are now more than a dozen public bath complexes dotted around the city of Budapest, more than in any other city in the world. Each complex has it's own style and is very different which was one of the things that was really exciting about visiting them!

The waters are actually said to be beneficial to health as they are rich with minerals and apparently, bathing in the Budapest pools can help relieve a variety of conditions and diseases. In Budapest, you can actually get visits to the bath as a prescription!

We chose to visit Szechenyi baths as we only had time to visit one and Szechenyi is the largest bath complex in Europe and features Greek, Roman and Scandinavian features. The water is sourced from over 1km underneath the baths and once it reaches the pools, it doesn't really drop below 26 degrees Celsius. It is probably the most famous of the baths with its popular yellow architectural design and its image that is included in almost every tourist guide to Budapest. There are 18 different pools in the complex and each one has a different atmosphere and experience available, both indoor and outdoor. We loved relaxing in the warm outdoor pools as we visited in December where the warmth of the pool was a strong contrast to the outside weather as it actually snowed at one point whilst we were out there!

The baths are quite expensive in comparison to other things that there are to do in Budapest but they are definitely worth a day out there, it was one of our favourite things that we did on our trip, alongside the ruin bars!
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