La Boqueria Market | Barcelona

Monday, 15 January 2018

When I visited Barcelona, visiting La Boqueria on Las Ramblas was on our list of must do things and boy, was it worth it! I'd seen it on other food and travel blogs and I knew that once I was in there, I wouldn't leave without shelling out at least a few euros on some delicious food!

For those of you who may not know what La Boqueria is, it's a huge food market in the centre of Barcelona, off the most touristy street in the city, Las Ramblas. It has a huge mix of tourists and locals doing their food shop and features street food stalls, grocery stalls and tapas bars with everything and anything you could need food-wise. From spices, meats, fish, to marzipan McDonalds fries, there is so much variety at La Boqueria!

After wandering around in the market for a while soaking up all the smells and sights to see (believe me, there were a lot of sights) we wanted to try some food and my friend Rebecca and I decided on trying some spinach pastries from a tapas stall which were delicious and some of the juices above which were very tasty and turned our mouths bright pink! We wanted to try more food there but it was so busy and the family had split up so we met up afterwards and went to get a full meal but if I go back to Barcelona, I will definitely be stopping again at La Boqueria and getting lots more food!

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