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Monday, 12 March 2018

I'm back with another reselling haul! This is the stock that I bought in February so I'm going to go through it and talk about what I bought to resell! I now have so much stock at the moment so I am limiting myself on what I buy during March as I need to sell what I have at the moment! I think this is most of what I bought in February but I think a few clothing hauls might be missing as I may have listed them before taking photos for the blog!

These were bought at a car boot sale (as were most of the first few things). I bought these all from 1 lady and I am hoping to make some Disney/Dreamworks DVD bundles, these were all £1 each.

This is a official Disney Winnie the Pooh money box. It's not in the best condition but it was only £1 so I was willing to punt on it!

I was really excited about this! This is a Sylvanian Families Bluebell Cottage. I really love selling Sylvanian Families but a lot of people who collect sylvanians or whose kids play with them know of the value so, like Lego it is hard to get a really good deal on them. I usually buy them in big job lots and work with them as I really like selling Sylvanians as I used to play with them when I was little. This however was at a car boot sale and was only £1!

These were all the clothing bits I bought at the car boot sales! Car boot sales in Edinburgh often have really good clothing brands so here we have Monsoon, French Connection, Karen Millen and Zara! All of these ranged between £1-£2!

This was 99p in a Oxfam charity shop and it is a set of 9 trading cards from Disney World in California. I really like selling Disney things and they often sell really well so I thought for 99p it could be good!

A DVD and book from charity shops earlier this week - both are to go in bundles and both were £1.99.

This was hidden under the children's section and it is a Lego Duplo set! I have recently just sold the set of Lego I bought in my last post so I had a go on this set even though it was a little more than the other set as it was £4.99.

This was a Monsoon dress in a size 18 in a charity shop. I thought it looked really pretty and larger sizes often sell well on eBay so I took a punt on this dress for £4.50!

This was a gumtree pick up. It was a set of miscellaneous sylvanian families! It includes a family and some other figures, the nursery and two shops so it will definitely be worth the £10 I paid as the field mouse family alone is worth that!

This was an eBay job lot of Build a Bear workshop clothing. I paid £35 for this job lot and it includes 15 outfits and 12 pairs of shoes! The Build a Bear Workshop Bear I bought in a charity shop last haul went really quickly so I took a chance on this job lot and I think it could have some good money in it!

This was another eBay job lot of Polly Pockets. I bought a Polly Pocket job lot a couple of months ago and it sold really well so I thought I would get another one and see what happens!

So this is pretty much what I bought in February to resell! There's obviously quite a lot here and so I will not be buying anything else to resell until everything I currently have is listed!!

Cologne by Segway | Travel

Saturday, 3 March 2018

At the end of February we had a week off from university and so my flat mate Julia and I spent a few days in Cologne , Germany! Whilst we were there we were lucky enough to be invited on a Segway Tour of Cologne which was so much fun and I thought I would do a blog post to tell you guys about it!

Our tour started at 10am with us meeting our guide Paula at one of the squares in the centre of Cologne. We walked back to the offices with her where she taught us how to use the segway. Julia was a bit nervous at first as neither of us had ever used a segway before but we soon got the hang of it!

One of the things that we really loved about the Segway tour was how much more of the city you get to see. I always make sure to do some kind of tour when I go to a new city, usually it's one of the free walking tours as they are easy and usually pretty good! This time we decided to go with the segway tour and it was so much fun and we got to see so much more of the city than we would have on a walking tour. It was a three hour long tour so a similar length to the walking tours but of course, as you are on a segway, you cover much more ground. We went up and down the river into newer parts of the city, we crossed over to the trade centre (which we learnt was actually one of the first deportation camps in WW2) and of course we saw lots of the old town.

Paula was a great tour guide, she was so funny and really knowledgable about the city and it's history and throughout she asked us if we had any more questions and wanted to make the tour as special as possible for us. It really was an incredibly fun morning and definitely a great way to get to know the city! The only downside for us was that it was quite cold and because you are stood on the segway in the same position, it can make you a little bit frozen but of course that is nothing against the tour itself, just maybe go for taking a segway tour in the summer if you're thinking about it or dress very warmly!

I really would recommend the segway tour in Cologne, it was so much fun learning how to use the segway and doing a tour on it meant we covered so much of Cologne and learnt the history of lots of different areas of the city. Definitely check Segway Tours Cologne out if you head to Cologne or other cities in Germany as the same group also run Segway Tours in Berlin, Munich and many more cities in Germany!
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