Parc Guell | Barcelona, Spain

Saturday, 7 April 2018

Everywhere you walk around Barcelona, you see beautiful artwork and amazing buildings. But one of the most famous attractions in Barcelona is architect Antoni Gaudi's park, Parc Guell. It is a very large public park that consists of sculptures, mosaics and buildings designed by the architect himself.

The park was originally commissioned by Count Guell to be made as a 'bohemian village' where rich aristocrats who also loved art could live. Unfortunately only two houses were finished, (they are the two houses at the entrance to the park) as they couldn't find the money to build the rest of the village. Guell and Gaudi moved into those two houses and they still stand there to this day.

This is the large mosaic lizard fountain who guards the entrance and steps leading to the Doric Temple which was originally intended to be a marketplace in the park. The Gaudi Museum is also housed there in the houses that looks like they are made of gingerbread and that is where he lived during the latter stages of his life. 

We found that the best way to see Parc Guell was to wander through the small walkways and paths that lead around the buildings and sculptures, through the flower beds. It is usually very busy but we went early in the morning to avoid the huge tourist rush later in the day.

Our apartment was very close to the park so we walked there but you can also get there on the Link 3 Metro to Lessops or Vallcarca. I would recommend buying tickets in advance online as there are often big queues as they only let a certain number of people into the park per half hour.

We really loved walking around Parc Guell and I think it is an essential experience when you are in Barcelona!

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