Top Tips for Travelling Cheaply

Sunday, 27 May 2018

We all know that travelling can be super expensive. It's not easy to maintain a lifestyle where we can travel all the time as all the costs add up, flights, taxis, accommodation, food, and that's before you have even done any of the sightseeing things that you want to do in each place! Within my friendship group, I am known as the one who somehow manages to get super cheap holidays and so today, I'm going to share my top tips on how I get cheap holidays with you!

Be Open Minded
This is my first tip as it one of the first things we think about when booking a holiday is of course, where we want to go. One of my favourite ways to pick somewhere I want to go if I am not set on a certain destination is to go into Skyscanner and pick my nearest airport and search from Manchester for example, to everywhere and see where the cheapest places to fly to are. This was how I ended up in Bucharest last Christmas and how I picked Sardinia for the summer as I picked the cheapest places to fly to that I hadn't visited yet.

Hotels vs AirBnBs vs Hostels
This does completely come down to personal preference and what type of holiday you are going on and how many people you are going with. Persoanlly, I very rarely go with a hotel because they are more expensive and I can get the same value really out of an AirBnB. I usually choose between AirBnB and hostels based on a few factors. If I am going for a short city break then I am more likely to use hostels as it is cheaper and easier and I only have to share the room for a short period of time. If I am going on a longer beach style holiday then I am more likely to pick an AirBnB as it gives us more freedom. This also applies if there are more people as the AirBnB cost is split between more people. However I always look at the best options of both for both quality and price and choose between them. I don't always use hostels for cities as when my flatmate and I went to Cologne for 3 nights, we stayed in an AirBnB then as it was cheaper than the hostels.

Overseas Jobs
If you are looking at travelling more full time then always consider getting jobs overseas in the areas that you are going to. I hold a TEFL qualification so I am starting to use online TEFL services to teach and get paid. This eventually means that I might be able to travel and teach full time if I choose to when I graduate from uni. There are loads of options for jobs like this whether it be digital nomad work like teaching or graphic design etc, working as an au pair for a family or working in hospitality jobs in destinations at hostels, bars etc. There are loads of awesome blogs that share their experiences online so have a look around and I'm sure there is a perfect job for you to do abroad!

I hope this has been helpful!

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