What to Eat in Hungary | Budapest, Hungary

Saturday, 9 June 2018

Hungarian food might not be world famous but, from my trip to Budapest last year, I thought it was absolutely delicious! It was definitely what my best friend who was with me would describe as 'stick to your ribs' food. It was warming, delicious and perfect for the early days of January when we were there!

Here are some recommendations of the dishes and places that you must try when you are in Budapest!

Hungarian Goulash - The national dish of Hungary. You cannot leave Hungary without trying Goulash. We had Goulash at a beautiful traditional Hungarian restaurant that our free walking tour guide recommended and then joined us at after our tour! If the locals are eating there then I trust it too! Goulash is a stew usually made of meat and vegetables. I had the beef goulash and it was accompanied with a side that I honestly still don't really now what it was. It was kind of a combination betweenn pasta, mashed potato and scrambled egg. Whatever it was, it was some ind of carb and it was delicious!

Paprika Chicken - Another traditional dish. Paprikash (Paprika Chicken) is delicious and you can't leave Hungary without trying some of their Paprika and this is the perfect dish to try it with!

Szimpla Kert Kitchen/Cafe - Szimpla Kert, one of the biggest ruin bars in Budapest has a small kitchen/cafe opposite and a few doors down and it serves really tasty food that is all vegetarian (if I remember rightly). It is not necessarily traditional Hungarian but it is really cheap and really tasty!

Chimney Cake (Kürtoskalács) - This is a traditional Hungarian pastry/cake. It is made with strips that are shaped around a cylinder and cooked and then it is rolled in different toppings. We had one with cinnamon sugar on from the Christmas Markets in Budapest. It is crispy and sugary and beautiful! I would definitely recommend hunting one of these down!

Rose Shaped Ice Cream from Gelarto Rosa - This was one of my favourite places in Budapest. They are an ice cream parlour and they craft their ice creams into the shapes of roses. They are the most beautiful and most delicious ice creams ever and I could not recommend anywhere more! I think we went 2/3 times and it was December, definitely not ice cream season but that did not stop us!

Langos - These are definitely not the healthiest thing to eat whilst you are in Budapest but they are very tasty and really fill you up! Plus they are a true Hungarian specialty so you can't really say no! It is kind of like deep fried dough but in the size of a small pizza and you can have toppings that are savoury or sweet. We had sour cream (on all of them), cheese, chorizo and red onion which was absolutely delicious and so filling for the rest of the day!

Did I miss anything that you loved from Budapest if you have been? What will you try if you haven't?

The Hill of 3 Crosses | Vilnius, Lithuania

Sunday, 3 June 2018

The Hill of 3 Crosses is a monument that sits on a hill overlooking Vilnius, the capital city of Lithuania. When I visited Lithuania, we climbed it on our last day, just before we left to go to the airport. I really love taking cities in from viewpoints and along with walking tours, it is one of the things I try to do in every city I visit and so I absolutely loved visiting this beautiful monument.

The history of the monument is that, legend has it that seven Franciscan monks were once crucified there. The crosses were originally wooden and were erected in the 17th century. Stalin had these crosses removed and buried and only in 1989 were the new, concrete crosses put up. It therefore symbolises both mourning and hope for Lithuanians.

The hike up to the top of the hill is really lovely. It was quite cold and a little muddy when we did it in February but totally worth it when we got to the top, saw the monument and had the beautiful view over the old town and the red roofs of Vilnius! It isn't quite captured in the pictures I took as the trees and the lower hills got in the way but it is definitely worth a trip up to the monument if you are in Vilnius!
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